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Alias: The Software Artist


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Known Information:

Triston Palacios is an Software Engineer and Artist who is an extreme danger to any coding bugs or uninspired projects that dare step in his path. Our reports indicate that in his previous life, before taking up the superhero alias of THE FANTASTIC SOFTWARE-ARTIST he was a Program Director who used his client first mindset and methodical approach to lead his teams to achieve the impossible time and time again! Nowadays Triston has been seen whipping up exciting projects and refining his Software Engineering skillset.

Recent sightings of the Software Artist indicate that he is currently freelancing and looking for new opportunities to make something great!




Project Spotlight


JavaScriptHTML CSSGit Hub

Nothing better than turning a brutal reality of the prarie into a JS game! What is there to say? When the moles pop up, shmack em(CLICK THEIR CUTE LITTLE HEADS) and get points! If you miss 3 of those pesty moles, you are donezo and so is your farm! Get to work !

Project Highlights

  • Dozens of self-made custom art assets
  • Complex Win/Lose Logic
  • Easter Egg

Virtual Marvel Encyclopedia

Node.jsMongo DbHerokuHeroku

Have you ever been reading a Marvel comic or watching a Marvel movie and did know who a certain character was? No worries! With the Virtual Marvel Encyclopedia, you can simply search and find all you could want to know about thousands of Marvel characters!

Project Highlights

  • Use of the official Marvel API
  • Fully Implemted User Auth System, including data encryption
  • PostgreSQL implementation

Party People

REACTMongo Db PostmanMapBox

Are you a party person? Have you ever been at home and wondered where the party is at? Well, we got the solution for you! Welcome to Party People! The website where you can see the best parties near you. And if none of them interest you, you can create your own event!

Project Highlights

  • Custom art assets for Hype Meter, Logo, and Background
  • Mapbox Implementation
  • Created utilizing team SCRUM workflow
  • Mongoose DB

Petit Ami

SwiftRealmX CodePro Create

Have you ever wanted to put your pet in your pocket and take it with you? Well, now you can! With Petit Ami an iOS Native app, you can now get your very own small friend that lives in your pocket! Our app allows you to adopt your very own Petit Ami and watch it grow and evolve from the egg state. But be mindful, keeping a pet is no easy task, and you will have to keep your Ami fed, loved, and clean for it to grow.

Project Highlights

  • Over 35 self-made custom art assets
  • Fully Functional Dev Build created in under 10 days
  • Created utilizing team SCRUM workflow
  • Complex conditional logic to dictate happiness and evolution of Ami
  • Petit Ami is fully functional, but still in active devolpment and awaiting launch on the Apple App Store, stay tuned for more updates!

Unlocking Communities

Learning Management System

REACTMongo Db NodeMapBox

Created as part of the 2022 International Hackathon.
The Unlocking Communities LMS was created per Unlocking Communities specifications to help educate their Haitian entrepreneurs within their upcoming Android based app.

Project Highlights

  • Created in 72 hours utilizing an 8 team SCRUM workflow
  • Fully developed backend heirarchy that allows admis to create modules, lessons, and quizzes.
  • Styled with custom components and react bootstrap
  • Developed as a light weight solution to better suite the unique tech climate of Haiti

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